Connecting your accessibility solutions to the visually impaired communities

You’re committed to providing accessibility solutions for your customers in need, but connecting with the visually impaired community (low vision and blindness) can be a challenge if you don’t know the market and/or your brand lacks recognition. LVS Tek has more than four decades of experience serving the visually impaired community. We’re constantly forging relationships through our professional clinical care, tradeshow participation, public seminars, low vision ambassadors, and our newly launched vision-loss support group.

We bring your accessibility solutions to the visually impaired community by:

  • Helping you craft key messaging that resonates with the vision-impaired
  • Demonstrating your solutions and services at our tradeshows
  • Featuring your innovations in our blog and vlog
  • Completing the feedback loop by collecting and sharing comments/data from the field

By partnering with LVS Tek you can extend your marketing campaign to the visually impaired community and achieve market penetration more efficiently than working on your own. Contact LVS Tek to learn how we help get your innovative solutions and services to the customers who need them most.